WhirlyGlobe is an interactive 3D globe component for ios. It provides support for display of and interaction with a textured earth with overlaid vector data.
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This Objective-C SQLite projects is a lightweight library that offers more than just a set of SQLite wrapper classes. It is divided up into five parts. The first part consists of a set of Objective-C classes that handle communications with an SQLite database. Inside the "src" folder, these Objective-C classes are further subdivided into five folders. The "db" folder (formerly, the "dao" folder) contains an SQLite wrapper class that easily manages the database connection. The "ext" folder contains some class extensions. The "sql" folder contains a collection of SQL builder classes that can be used to construct well-formed SQL statements for SQLite via a plethora of convenience methods similar to those found in LINQ. Likewise, the "orm" folder has an assortment of classes that can control and manipulate data within an SQLite database via the Active Record design pattern. And, the "util" folder contains a set of various helper classes. The second part consists of an easy-to-read API, which both documents and diagrams each Objective-C class and XML/DTD file. The third part consists of a BASH script that can be used to generate the necessary ORM models using the SQLite's database schema. The fourth part consists of the database configuration files for the SQLite database connection. The final part has the schema for handling XML to DDL.

All classes are designed to be used in iPhone/iOS applications.
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DITA ( Darwin Information Typing Architecture ) is an XML-based architecture for authoring, producing, and delivering information. It is widely used for creating content target to PDF, Eclipse Help, Windows Help, and HTML websites. The Dita4iOS library extends DITA to embedded help within an iOS ( iPhone, iPad, iPod ) app.
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Live Crash Report Management.
Collect crash reports from your apps, either from your beta versions or from release versions (AppStore save!). Your apps can report crash reports right at the next startup of your app to your server setup.

Displays crash reports automatically grouped by similar crashes and how each crash group developed over time and see affected the OS versions and platforms.

QuincyKit supports both Mac OS X and iOS platforms.
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Date Calculations was inspired by the equivalent library for Ruby on Rails. It allows to do operations such as [date endOfDay], [date beginningOfWeek], etc.
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ActiveRecord is an insanely easy to use database framework written in Objective-C. It's inspired by the infamous ActiveRecord that comes with Rails, but it tries to be more versatile when it comes to working with multiple connections.
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